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Construction & Renovation

For us, the construction of each building always follows two parallel paths: The first one includes the materials, the analysis and the implementation of the plan. The second unfolds a unique story that is written in parallel with the implementation of the plan, the selection of ideal and innovative solutions, the personalization and the creation of an efficient space with a unique identity. By following both of these paths, we aim to fulfil all the needs and take care of all the details that lead to a unique result. That is why we are there, at the very point of construction, not only to ensure perfection, but also to deliver a building which will offer the resident / user the enjoyable experiences.

The renovation constitutes a special challenge, which we enjoy to face through the integrated structural study and the groundbreaking interventions for the reconstruction of the building and its interiors.

At the core of our philosophy, every building and every space has its own story to narrate, both on a literal level as an existing structure and on a personal level of its resident / user. That is why our interventions are implemented through innovation, know-how and the ability to apply top structural, energy and aesthetic standards; always with respect for the history of the building, the style of the area and the vision of the customer.